Dual Diagnosis Discussed

effect of alcohol and drug abuseOn the short-term, using alcohol or drugs to modify your state of mind can provide you with a pleasant feeling. However, the long-term consequences of frequent alcohol and drug abuse can be truly serious. For example, the long-term impacts of alcohol abuse normally include cirrhosis of the liver, brain damage, diabetes, hepatitis C, and a lack of libido (to mention a few). The long term impacts of drug abuse can range from stroke and heart attack to liver disease and skin infections. It’s imperative to understand that the temporary positive feeling might not be well worth a whole life of health problems. Abusing alcohol and drugs could also cause strained relationships with all your friends and loved ones.

The act of quitting alcohol or drug use can be challenging. In so many cases, you will want to be monitored by trained experts who understand what continuous abuse of alcohol and drugs can create. For example, if you’ve been having considerable amounts of alcohol each night for the last six months, it then might be tough for you to stop all at once. As a matter of fact, it could be harmful. Alcohol detoxification just after long term abusive drinking could cause severe withdrawal symptoms that range from shaking and hallucinations to liver damage and possibly even death. Because your body is accustomed to the alcohol on your system, it will not be able to adequately manage a sudden cessation. Drug withdrawals work in very much the same manner. Extreme symptoms include cardiac arrest, seizures, and strokes. When you are trying to stop a pattern of alcohol and drug abuse, do not try to do it alone. Talk to a physician who could offer in-patient detoxification. You will be able to use facilities and take medications.

There are lots of behavioral problems associated with alcohol and drug abuse. Both alcohol and drugs could cause you to indulge in behaviors that aren’t logical or safe. One of the most typical behavioral snafus that people engage in while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is unprotected sex. This, obviously, can bring about sexually-transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and even HIV. Poor decisions isn’t the only behavioral alteration. In so many cases, drugs and alcohol could produce paranoia, aggression, or impulsiveness. All of these can affect you as an individual, but they also may harm those you love. If you need assistance with an alcohol or drug issue, then it’s essential to seek out medical experts who could present their assistance.

For anybody who has involved in long-term alcohol and drug abuse, rehabilitation is essential. In some instances, you can cleanse your body and rehabilitate yourself all on your own. Of course, it requires plenty of determination to be able to stop addictive substances and never be drawn back to them. When you have an alcohol or drug issue, it might be to your greatest benefit to enter a rehabilitation program. Even though you might refuse rehab due to the shame related to it, there’s no question that rehabilitation facilities have a history of working. You will be in a secure environment away from the allure of alcohol or drugs. If you’re released, you can continue seeking help at organizations. Click here to read further details.

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